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A heartfelt thank you for volunteering the gift of your time and efforts in service to the Leo Awards and the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia. In doing so, you help us to create the fabric that defines us as a community.

Truth be told, we could not do what we do without the generous support of volunteers – some of whom have been with us for many years. On behalf of all of us at the Leo Awards, thank you once again.

Please find below Volunteer Job Descriptions outlining the many areas of activity that we require volunteer assistance with.

If you wish to volunteer for the Leo Awards 2012 please download our Volunteer Agreement Form by clicking here.

Walter Daroshin, President

Leo Awards 2012

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Thank you for offering the gift of your time in volunteering for our Leo Awards 2012

We depend on you for helping the Leo Awards run smoothly. If at anytime you feel confused about your duties, need some clarification, or are displeased with your shift schedule, please contact Mina Khatam at 604.688.4875 or mina[at]leoawards[dot]com.

  • Please remember to be flexible as sometimes shifts might end earlier or later than scheduled and duties and positions may change. If you cannot make a shift please make sure you either call or email Mina.

Please familiarize yourself with the following job descriptions:

1) Welcome   6) Check-In
2) Red Carpet   7) Backstage
3) Ticket Collection   8) Photography
4) Floater   9) Silent Auction
5) Certificates      

1) Welcome

As a Greeter you will have the first contact with guests. Remember to always smile, be polite and have fun. Please greet all arriving parties by saying “Welcome to the Leo Awards 2012 – Enjoy your evening.” Directions may be necessary so please familiarize yourself with the venue.

2) Red Carpet

On the Gala night you will help with the crowd control during the Red Carpet Ceremony.

3) Ticket Collection

As a ticket collector, you will have the most contact with guests. Please greet all arriving parties and welcome them to the Leo Awards 2012.

Ticket collection for all guests is mandatory and will consist of tearing off the perforated edge and placing it in a receptacle. Make sure to tell anyone who is leaving the area that they must have a stub to be allowed back into the event. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4) Floater

Volunteers may do any of the jobs listed or running errands and completing duties according to need. Volunteers will need to be able to control crowds to ensure people are moving smoothly throughout the venue. Volunteers will also greet and provide information and directions, answer questions and monitor crowd flow.

Volunteers must be comfortable working with people and know how to handle or refer problems as they arise. Directions may be necessary so please familiarize yourself with the venue. Please wear comfortable shoes, as most of the evening will be spent on your feet.

5) Certificates

Volunteers will hand out certificates to all the nominees. You will be required to ask for their name and one piece of identification and cross their name off a provided list.

6) Check-In

  1. General Check-In

  2. Nominee Check-In

Volunteers will be asked to participate mainly in greeting guests. Guests will be asked to pick up their tickets in advance, however history tells us that most will not. In that case, please direct people who have purchased tickets and not yet received them to the ‘Will Call’ desk.

Duties will include:

  • Everybody must check-in. It is imperative for us to know if who is in attendance. A list will be provided and you will be asked to record their name once they have checked in.

  • If they do not have a ticket please direct them to the ‘Will Call’ desk. No one will be admitted without a ticket.

  • Please remember to smile at all times, be polite and have fun.

  1. Media Check-In

Volunteers will be asked to greet the media and take down the names of the representative reporters of newspapers and broadcasting stations.

7) Backstage

Two volunteers will be required backstage to participate in various duties including:

  • Handing trophies to the trophy models.

  • Directing winners back to the photography area.

  • Directing wandering people, who are not suppose to be backstage.

  • Backstage crowd control.

  • Keeping inventory of trophies not picked up by winners.

Volunteers will also provide general assistance in the setup and production of the event.  You must be comfortable working with people and be able to handle or refer problems as they arise. Directions may be necessary so please familiarize yourself with the venue.

8) Photography

Volunteers will be required to greet winners and direct them to the photography area. Volunteers will also assist the photographer in various duties and assist winners in any paperwork, such as address information for plaque delivery.

Volunteers will also hand out winners’ certificates. Please ensure winners’ sign off on their certificate pick up.

9) Silent Auction

Volunteers will have duties that may include:

  • Making sure auction tables are not cluttered.

  • Alerting hotel staff to clear glasses and food from auction tables.

  • Making sure each auction item has a bid sheet and new bid sheets are placed as they fill up.

  • Making sure successful bid sheets are placed with the item when bids close to allow bidders to bring them to the claim desk.

  • Making sure claim sheets are left by the item after a bid closes.

  • Maintaining a presence at the auction tables to answer any questions and oversee the items.

pdf  2012 Volunteer Agreement Form

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