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2017 Leo Awards Hosts
Gala Awards Ceremony
Sunday, June 4

Peter Kelamis

Peter Kelamis enjoys walks on the beach, poetry... and portraying gun toting sociopaths on Television. He is also a Stand-Up comic, which he started doing at the age of 9, after doing his first Stand-Up comedy set in front of his Grade 4 classmates - it was all down hill from there. He has however had the privilege of performing with the likes of other comics ranging from Howie Mandel to Robin Williams and has been showcased at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal.

Peter has twice been nominated as Stand-Up Comic Of The Year at the Canadian Comedy Awards - he lost both times. This still eats him alive.

He started in the industry as a male exotic dancer, is a trained assassin, pretended to work in space on numerous TV shows, can hold his breath for over 15 minutes...and is a compulsive liar. He agreed to host this evening on the condition that the Canucks were not in the Playoffs.


>Peter Kelamis






Celebration Awards Ceremony Two
Saturday, June 3

Paul McGillion

Aside from being a handsome bastard, Paul McGillion is a talented and successful bastard too.

A multi-award winning actor, Paul plays the loveable dad in this year’s Leo Awards nominated film, Hello Destroyer. You can also catch him in the upcoming film Heart Beats, filmed in Mumbai, India, as well as the teen romance, Midnight Sun.

Paul is best know for his portrayal of Dr. Carson Beckett on Stargate Atlantis and has been in pretty much every holiday themed MOW ever made.


Paul McGillion

Veena Sood

Veena Sood is an award-winning 30-year veteran of film, television, theatre, improv, and em-ceeing. She recently returned from South Africa, filming the Netflix series The Indian Detective, starring Russell Peters.

What industry folks are saying:

“Her work is sublime. When the camera rolls, Veena walks, talks, and rarely trips over the furniture."
George Ratzenbaum Producer of Frequency, No Tomorrow and other cancelled shows

“What luck that our co-host tonight is an openly gay, visible minority with a partial disability due to her knee pronation. This triple minority threat increases our grant funding ten-fold!”
Walter Daroshin, Leo Awards President

"She keeps her house really clean."
Veena’s Mom




Veena Sood






Celebration Awards Ceremony One
Saturday, May 27

Mackenzie Gray

Mackenzie Gray is a villain - in just about everything filmed in Vancouver. He attributes this to the dark circles under his eyes inherited from his mother - on whom it looked sultry.

He is a series regular on Legion, playing The Eye... who is a villain. He played the Krypton Scientist Jax-Ur in Man Of Steel… who was a villain. He is nominated this year for his performance as rock star Lux Dujour in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Lux is also a... you guessed it.

When Mackenzie is not directing or producing films he writes and records music for them. He has been a Leo Award nominee 17 times, and won twice - both for villainous roles.

In real life he is kind, loving, owns dogs and always offers to help old ladies across the street - whether they want it or not.


Mackenzie Gray






Voice of the Leo Awards

Debra Sears

When not playing Goddess at the Leo Awards (be nice to her or she'll mispronounce your name), Debra can be found emceeing the WIFTV (Women In Film & Television Vancouver) networking breakfasts or, voicing promotional videos for corporate and non- profit clients.

In 2011 Debra was honored to be recognized with the Sharon Gibbon Lifetime Member Award for her contributions to WIFTV.

She also performs improv and acts both on stage and on camera. She was thrilled to have the opportunity recently to see herself on screen in Cannes when Telefilm Canada presented the short film Scattered in their Canada Not Short on Talent program.


Mackenzie Gray

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