2018 Hosts
Gala Awards Ceremony
Sunday, June 3
Brent Butt
Brent Butt

Brent Butt began life as a mere infant who could neither read nor walk. From these humble beginnings he grew into a young adult with a penchant for nightclubs. He began his career in standup comedy in 1988 and was soon touring and headlining clubs and festivals all over the country, and beyond.

After moving to Vancouver in 1993, he began writing and producing some one-off local television specials. In 2001 he was named ‘Best Male Comedian’ at the 2001 Canadian Comedy Awards, and in 2003, after being nominated for ‘Best Comedy Performance' at the Gemini Awards, he was given the opportunity to create a sitcom for CTV. That show, entitled CORNER GAS, went on to win numerous awards, was nominated for an International Emmy, and became the highest watched scripted program in Canadian TV history.

The six season run was followed by two feature films, the Vancouver based No Clue and Corner Gas: The Movie. His new series, Corner Gas Animated, began airing this year, and is the number one show on Comedy Network. Brent still continues to tour his stand-up comedy as often as possible.

Nancy Robertson
Nancy Robertson

Nancy was and is a lead in Corner Gas The TV Series, Corner Gas The Movie, Corner Gas Animated and Corner Gas The Apocalypse. She was the lead and producer on the CTV series Hiccups.

She also has had recurring roles on some other T.V.series, roles in some movies, performed improv and has won and been nominated for some awards. And for the umpteenth time, she is NOT Ann-Margret.

Celebration Awards Ceremony Two
Saturday, June 2
Peter Kelamis
Peter Kelamis

This will be Peter Kelamis' second year in a row as a Leo Awards Host. This is only due to the fact that he has in his possession very compromising photos of Walter Daroshin... and he threatened to use them!

Peter is of Greek descent, but not completely. He recently submitted his DNA to Ancestry and found out he is indeed 1% Chinese, so... Happy Year Of The Dog!

Peter's was last seen as the creepy, assassin/cleaner 'Yellow Jacket' in the Freeform TV Series Beyond. Sadly Beyond was recently cancelled so Peter would like to let all the Producers and Directors in attendance to know that he is available for work. He can portray many ethnicities, from Greek, Mid-Eastern and now... Asian.

Peter has twice been nominated as Stand-Up Comedian of The Year by the Canadian Comedy Awards and is very excited to be Hosting at the 2018 Leo Awards.

Good Luck to all the Nominees.

Celebration Awards Ceremony One
Saturday, May 26
Kalyn Miles
Kalyn Miles

Kalyn Miles would never use the word 'pumped' to describe anything the way Lucie Guest did, as it's not 1986, but she sure is jazzed to train Lucie to be just as charismatic as she is for her first-time Leo Award hosting experience and while she is slightly older than Lucie one would never know it to look at their faces side by side #lucieleatherface.

She won’t make the same mistake Lucie’s made and that is to bore you with a list of her credentials cause a: it feels a little braggy and b: she only has 1 and it was just a video on her insta story... that only got 3 views.

Kalyn is an avid collector of Bart Simpson T-shirts, aged scotch, cans of Mango Palm Bay and roles that Lucie didn’t book. She enjoys tripping toddlers at daycares, screaming profanities into the ocean with the hopes of offending a narwhal and acting in a few things here and there. She’s currently giving the performance of a lifetime in a 12 part mystery series called 'Will she or won’t she make rent this month?' We’re betting on no.

Her mantle is decorated with at least 6 Leo awards... all of which she stole from Michael Ecklund. Tune in to Skype this weekend to see her eat melted ice cream sandwiches and cry into her wolf blanket... also stolen from Ecklund.

Lucie Guest
Lucie Guest

Lucie Guest is pretty pumped to break in her first-timer Leo Award hosting skills alongside her, much older, veteran co-host and reluctant friend Kalyn Miles.

She is an actress, writer and director and was awarded 'Top Ten Filmmakers to watch-out for in 2017' by Independent Magazine. Her most recent films have screened internationally and won a handful of awards including Best of Fest at the Women in Comedy Boston Film Festival, Best International Film at the Malibu Film Festival and was selected as Kevin Hart’s Top 20 films for JFLs 2017.

Extrovert by day, introvert by night, Lucie Guest’s favorite pastimes include: watching DIY YouTube tutorials on how to remove a mole using apple cider vinegar, figuring out how to get in a word between Kalyn’s monologues and wondering whether or not she should delete her Facebook account.

She was told the Leo’s are also a great way to meet other fun, sassy singles who are looking for something more serious - but not that serious. #imherefortherosé.

Voice of the Leo Awards
Debra Sears
Debra Sears

When not playing Goddess at the Leo Awards (be nice to her or she'll mispronounce your name), Debra can be found em-ceeing the WIFTV (Women In Film & Television Vancouver) Networking Coffee events or, voicing corporate, non-profit and entertainment industry content.

Aside from being heard, she can be seen performing improv with The Quad Comedy and, on screen in locally shot film and TV. You can also catch her at the Vancouver Fringe Festival in Dyck Spacee: A SpyFi Improvised Radio Play.

In 2011 Debra was honored to be recognized with the Sharon Gibbon Lifetime Member Award for her contributions to Women In Film & Television.