2018 Presenters
In taking the stage and honoring our 2018 Nominees our Presenters represent not only the Leo Awards but carry the spirit on which they were built – the celebration of artistic excellence. On behalf of the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation we thank you for your service and commitment to our community.
Matthew Kevin Anderson

Kwesi Ameyaw

Carmel Amit

Jon Bell

Julia Benson

Peter Benson

Lynda Boyd

Jovanna Burke

Brent Butt

Jennifer Cheon

Agam Darshi

Daniel Doheny

Lisa Durupt

Jodelle Ferland

Brent Fidler

Fiona Forbes

Tammy Gillis

Mackenzie Gray

Lucie Guest

Peter Hayman

David Kaye

Peter Kelamis

David Lewis

Ali Liebert

Adam Lolacher

Elfina Luk

Tzi Ma

Lee Majdoub

Johannah Newmarch

Kalyn Miles

Camille Mitchell

Jill Morrison

Dan Payne

Jacqueline Robbins

Joyce Robbins

Nancy Robertson

Gabrielle Rose

Zak Santiago

Natalie Sharp

Christina Sicoli

Steph Song

Veena Sood

Jennifer Spence

Jessica Steen

Donavon Stinson

Markian Tarasiuk

April Telek

Louriza Tronco

Natasha Tony

Fiona Vroom

Lorrie Ward

Siobhan Williams

Brittney Wilson

Garfield Wilson