2019 Hosts
Gala Awards Ceremony
Sunday, June 1
Peter Kelamis
Peter Kelamis

Peter is very honored to be hosting the Gala Evening at the 2019 LEO Awards. This is Peter's third time hosting the LEO's and second time hosting the Gala. When Peter asked why he was asked back, Walter Daroshin replied, 'You've hosted three times, and we are going to keep bringing you back until you get it RIGHT!' So, in other words, look for Peter to be a LEO Awards Host for years to come.

Peter wishes the very best for all the Nominees in 2019, but mostly, he hopes that he himself walks away with a LEO Award this year. He is NOT nominated, but he is VERY hopeful.

So when you see Peter at the after the event, buy him a drink, because he is very important and knows people.

(Peter wrote the last paragraph of this Bio himself.)

Celebration Awards Ceremony Two
Sunday, May 26
Kalyn Miles
Kalyn Miles

After a year of self reflection, intermittent sobriety and personal growth, Kalyn feels nothing but love and support for her stunningly beautiful and extremely talented co-host. It’s an honour and a privilege to share even a shamrock shake with her on Saint Patrick’s day, let alone the LEO's stage.

Did you know that Lucie was nominated twice last year? Twice! That’s 1 more time than once. Kalyn is excited to see what she’ll learn from Lucie this time, as she’s still sifting through all of last years lessons. Kalyn believes and trusts that this experience will make her stronger, more tenacious and a more well rounded person. Which is excellent because the day after the LEO's Kalyn is off to Nepal to begin her new career as a Sherpa. And it is her understanding that strength and tenacity are required for Sherpa-ing.

Lucie Guest
Lucie Guest

Lucie Guest is very excited to host the LEO Awards for a second time alongside her much older looking-but-actually-the-same-age co-host Kalyn Miles who is coming back for her forty-fifth time and will be sure to let you know any chance she gets. It’s rare to find such similar co-hosts; punctual, soft-spoken introverts. It will be a blast.

Lucie is an actress, writer and recently directed her first feature length film. Her films have screened internationally and won a handful of awards including Best of Fest at the Women in Comedy Boston Film Festival, Best International Film at the Malibu Film Festival and was selected as Kevin Hart’s Top 20 films for JFLs 2017.

After reading Kalyn’s bio Lucie would like to take the opportunity to dedicate to Kalyn Cher’s power ballad 'If I Could Turn Back Time'.

Celebration Awards Ceremony One
Saturday, May 25
Matthew Kevin Anderson
Matthew Kevin Anderson

Matthew Kevin Anderson started out his career as a host for a top 10 video countdown show on MTV Canada back in the bad old days of NSYC Backstreet Boys and before Britney Spear shaved her head.

He eventually moved on to acting but never lost his passion for his first love of hosting so when Walter asked him to MC night one of the 2019 LEO Awards he jumped at the chance.

He’s been acting for 15 years in film and television in Vancouver and has 'saved Christmas' more times then he can count. It’s a thankless job... and you’re all welcome.

Voice of the LEO AWARDS
Debra Sears
Debra Sears

When not playing Goddess at the LEO AWARDS (be nice to her or she'll mispronounce your name), Debra can be found em-ceeing the WIFTV (Women In Film & Television Vancouver) Networking Coffee events or, voicing corporate, non-profit and entertainment industry content.

Aside from being heard, she can be seen performing improv with The Quad Comedy and, on screen in locally shot film and film & TV. You can also catch her in installments of DYCK SPACEE: A SpyFi Improvised Radio Play which debuted at the 2018 Vancouver Fringe Festival.

In 2011 Debra was honored to be recognized with the Sharon Gibbon Lifetime Member Award for her contributions to WIFTV.

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