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On behalf of all of us at the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation of British Columbia and the Leo Awards,
we would like to extend a special thank you to all of our jurors – many of whom spent upwards of five weeks screening and adjudicating over 850 eligible entries. They exemplify the spirit of community service and we are grateful for their care and consideration while deliberating.


Enid-Raye Adams

Chris Ainscough

Paul Armstrong

Aubrey Arnason

Aaron Au

Kellie Benz

Derek Bird

Gavin Buhr

Blake Corbet

Talitha Cummins

Walter Daroshin

Keith Martin Gordey

Mackenzie Gray

Allan Harmon

Cynde Harmon

Jessica Harmon

Roy Hayter

Katherine Hazen

Dennis Heaton

Eric Hogan

Tara Hungerford

Bradon Jennings

George Johnson

Gary Jones

Robert Lawrenson

Brendan Lee

Robb Lucy

Jerermy Lutter

Kelly-Ruth Mercier

Shona Miko

Dan Miller

Nimisha Mukerji

Erin Mussolum

Edi Osghian

Manny Pereira

Randal Platt

Zak Santiago

Steve Schmidt

Debra Sears

Dylan Akio Smith

Garry Smith

Michele Smolken

Rachel Talalay

Amanda Tapping

Joyce Thierry

Mary Ungerleider

Robyn Wiener

Ari Wise

Barry Ward

Richard Walden

Stuart Wenschlag

Sonny Wong

Donna Wong-Juliani


Thank you to our 2013 adjudication hosts for allowing us
the use of their screening and deliberation facilities...


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