2023 Presenters
In taking the stage and honoring our 2023 Nominees our presenters represent not only the LEO AWARDS but carry the spirit on which they were built – the celebration of artistic achievement. On behalf of the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Foundation we thank you for your service and commitment to our community.
Bethany Brown

Bradley Stryker

Caitlin Stryker

Dide Su Bilgin

Doreen Manuel

Ed Witzke

Gary Jones

Jacqueline Robbins

Jessie Anthony

John Murphy

Joyce Robbins

Julia Benson

Kalyn Miles

Ken Lawson

Laura Adkin

Maddy Kelly

Mark Chavez

Matthew Kevin Anderson

Omari Newton

Paul McGillion

Peter Benson

Roger Cross

Rukiya Bernard

Ryan Beil

Sabrina Furminger

Sara Kelly

Steph Song

Stephen Lobo

Walter Daroshin

Zak Santiago